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this morning on "world news now," working holiday. the jurors in the casey anthony murder trial get their instructions today. after the attorneys' closing arguments. >> and the jury gets the case today after some very tense moments in the orlando courtroom. it's monday, july 4th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. there were legal fireworks during the closing arguments in the casey anthony case as prosecutors and defense attorneys presented very different sides of the story. coming up you'll see what made the judge very angry.
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judge belvin perry, he's getting a lot of credit for keeping order during this case. >> he is. >> he has had it with these two attorneys. he really gave them a bit of a tongue-lashing. >> certifiably lost his temper. i think right now moments are very tense as this draws to a close. >> emotions are running high. >> it was a pretty shocking laugh. >> it was. >> very inappropriate. that will be coming up a little bit later. also ahead why protesters in canada directed their anger at will and catherine. you'll see how the duke and duchess in cambridge stirred up some deep feelings. >> you wonder if they were sort of shelter order insulated from this protest. only a handful of protesters in comparison to the number of supporters who were out there. >> lots of footage of the little girls giving kate flowers. >> oh, yes, adorable. later on one of the big holiday weekend movies "transformers 3." we sent one of our intrepid coworkers to go see it andnd ge movie fans' impressions for "insomniac theater." you know what? i kind of want to see this but i
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feel like i have to see it in 3d. carving out almost three hours. >> oh my goodness. >> i'm not sure i can justify it. >> i don't understand. it's just computer graphics everybody knows is not real. sort of like watching a cartoon, a really long cartoon. it's sort of lost on me. we'll have to hear what the feedback is. >> robots and buildings. >> like "steel magnolias" over and over for you, rig are probably be painful. jurors in the casey anthony trial are spending this holiday deliberating behind closed doors. they must decide whether anthony murdered her 2-year-old daughter or whether the little girl died in a swimming pool accident. >> reporter: casey anthony broke down as prosecutors told the jury she suffocated her 2-year-old daughter with duct tape. prosecutors portrayed casey as a lying, selfish party girl who murdered her daughter to free herself of the burdens of motherhood. >> she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. >> reporter: the defense said little caylee anthony drowned accidentally and casey's father disposed of the body.
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but the defense suffered a big setback when the judge ruled they cannot bring up allegations that he molested his daughter. ant know's lead attorney accused the prosecututn of smearing casey's character. >> if you hate her, if you think she's a lying, no-good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. you'll start to, oh, wait a minute -- maybe i'm seeing something that's not there. >> reporter: tension in the courtroom was palpable. at one point, the defense called out the prosecution for laughing. >> this laughing guy right here -- >> reporter: an irate judge immediately halted the proceedings to allow both sides to review what was a blatant violation of the court's policy. >> i appear to be smiling behind my hand, i apologize. >> i also apologize for getting caught up in the moment as well. >> reporter: and a stiff warning from the bench. >> if it happens again, the remedy will be exclusion of that
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attorney from further participation. >> reporter: if convicted of first degree murder, casey anthony could be sentenced to death. she also faces manslaughter and child abuse charges, each carrying a 30-year sentence. now to another high-profile defendant, dominique strauss-kahn. a source close to his accuser's legal team tells abc news the claims that she is a prostitute are "a complete fabrication." the former imf chief was seen around new york over the weekend after the terms of his bail were loosened. the charges against him have not been dropped. a memphis police officer was shot and killed last night while responding to a disturbance in that city's tourist district. the police say the officer was climbing a hotel stairwell when somebody opened a door and shot him in the head. a convoy of police cars escorted his ambulance to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. one civilian is also dead. a suspect is in custody. exxon says an oil leak in yellowstone river is confined.
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montana's governor disputes that claim. he says the oil giant needs to get more personnel to montana to see the damage firsthand. he's demanding a full inspection of the river using small boats. exxon estimates at least 42,000 gallons of oil spilled on saturday. some of the chilean mine hoarse were trapped underground for two months last year say they cannot go back to work. the 33 miners were arrested in october. 14 of them say the ordeal left them too sick to work. that includes the shift commander who was credited with keeping the men calm and opt on mystic. the miners now hope to take early retirement. boeing's next generation passenger jet, the 787 dream liner, is in tokyo this morning after making his first flight across the pacific. japan's al nippon airways will conduct a week of tests. the airliner is made of lighter, more fuel-efficient material. the production is three years behind schedule. britain's prince william and his wife kate are on canada's east coast right now. they received a warm welcome on
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prince edward island. the reaction was a little bit more mixed as the royals toured quebec city in the french-speaking part of canada. >> reporter: a sunday morning arrival into quebec aboard a royal canadian navy frigate. this being the heart of french-speaking canada, a church service aboard ship with hymns in french. tricky. ♪ >> reporter: the center of the city was under tight control by police. anti-mon anti-monarchists were being challenged by police and escorted away. if there was any argument, they were arrested. in the end a group of several hundred demonstrators were allocated an area some distance away. william and kate came to the city hall. the welcome from those in the square was unquestionably warm. this, of course, is a place where speaking in french really matters. [ speaking french ]
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>> reporter: he thanked them for their patience with his accent and said he hoped theyyould get a chance to know each other over the years to come. in the distance, protesters jeered. in the square, william's words were well-received. the couple will certainly have got the impression, albeit perhaps a fleeting one, that there are parts of canada and sections of canadian society which are e t supportive of the crown. >> boo! >> reporter: montreal, a small but noisy protest by people who believe the british royal family should not have a special position in canada. it was a counterpoint but not an interruption. william and kate were busy attending a cookery class. french cooking, of course. nicholas witchell, bbc news, quebec. >> he can fly helicopters, he's great in the kitchen. >> his french is not bad. >> makes a mean lobster. >> he's a renaissance man. in quebec ththe's always been this separatist movement going on. that's been deep, deep-seated in
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that province for a long, long time. to see that sort of protest going on, not that surprising. it does happen any time the royals go back. >> spoken as a former canadian who's now an american but interestingly enough is not wearing a red, white or blue tie. >> this is red, white and blue, i don't know what you're talking about. >> drape and auburner jean. >> guys are color blind. a lot of fireworks to be had today. severe storms could dampen the big shows in ohio and tennessee valleys and through the carolinas. we've got hazy, hot and humid weather for charlotte, orlando and dallas. downpours are possible in the desert southwest. >> temperatures will be mostly seasonable in the northeast with new york hitting 90 and boston 88. phoenix cools down to 105. they hit a record 1 aun, if you can believe it, over the weekend. i know a lot of people will be celebrating the big wimbledon upset. perhaps not rafael nadal. wimbledon does have a new champion today. it is novak djokovic, who topped off defending champion rafael nadal yesterday. >> it's an especially impressive
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win because nadal had won his last 20 matates at the all england club dating back to 2008. the president of djokovic's home country serbia was on hand to watch. very exciting for him. he has fought so hard, battling against nadal and federer. >> you see his family jumping up and down. he said that was his real support system. he sort of kept making gestures to them throughout the last round there. serbian citizens are also celebrating. as well as tennis stars new rank as the number one male player in the world. no small feat. he even ate some of the grass. >> they don't need to mow the lawn anymore. just give to it the champion. we'll be right back with more "world news now." all systems prepare to engage. captain, unidentified object -- detergent chamber. that's a cascade complete pac.
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♪ in america where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> well, they did get into the fourth of july spirit a little bit early lala night in syracuse, new york. plenty of, well they were not
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bombs but they were bursting in air. it's estimatedhat over 100 million peoplee will watch fireworks today. this is the fourth of july. >> yes, it is. this is my second as an official u.s. citizen. >> great lations on that. that was a very hard test you had to pass in order to be one of us. >> somehow i got through it. fireworks are of course a central part of independence day celebrations. >> i see that's right. also the oohs and aahs. that's the protocol. when it explodes you go ooh, then aah. it is important to remember what the fourth is all about. >> our nation's birthday, also a chance to consider the country's most important document. abc's john donvan now on the constitution. >> reporter: the original lives under glass. has no price tag. is the world's oldest operative constitution at 223 years. and its shortest in written length. 4,400 not entirely correctly spelled words -- sorry, pennsylvania. and while it's our habit to speak of it in reverential
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terms -- >> it is a covenant we've made not only with ourselves but with all of mankind. >> reporter: in holy language. >t provides a compass that can help us find our way. >> reporter: there's the other way we have long tended to treat the constitution. as wrapping paper. as in, wrap yourself in it to make your case sound any better type of wrapping people. to put a nice bow on it. which is really nothing new. every case that ever gets to the supreme court gets there because both sides argue they have the constitution on their side. richard nixon refusing to give up his tapes said the constitution protected him. he lost. >> a final wave. >> reporter: folks that want the burn the american flag say the constitution protects them. they generally win. >> pro-choice! >> reporter: people who argue the constitution protects the unborn have yet to win their battle. the point is, the constitution which we think of as a set of rules, is really a departure point for a good, strong argument about the details.
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the details of who we are as a nation and what we stand for. although this year, since the tea party arrived in force in the halls of congress and actually launched its tenure with a reading of the >> we, the people of the united states -- >> reporter: the argument has become more a big picture thing. the tea party arguing that the country has slipped its constitutional moorings in a wholesale way. >> we the people! >> i believe in the founding fathers' vision of a limited government. >> reporter: it's an argument that income taxes and a federal reserve and government guaranteed health care and a government that just keeps on growing is notot at all what wa intended by the framers of the constitution. garb they honor at their rallies by literally garbing themselves just as they did. they need to go back to what they believed in, is the argument. but who's to agree on what that actually means? >> the little section in there that talks about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >> reporter: actually, that's not constitution. that's declaration of independence. >> it's a very slippery slope to
3:17 am
start cherry picking your favorite golden oldie from the founding fathers and slapping it on to political speeches. >> reporter: the reality is that the framers posed in paintings as though frozen on an american olympus, they were not gods, they were guys. guys who didn't give women the vote and let slavery stand for time being and who were trying to create at the time a stronger central government. of course, not too strong. leaving to us a constitution that we could fix as needed. sorry, make that amend. which we've now tdone, 27 times. as we argue over whether it's constitutionon for the president to send drones over libya, for the government to make immigrants carry i.d. cards, for congress not to raise the debt ceiling. those arguments are only possible in a sense because there is a constitution. as the framers wrote in its very first paragraph, they wanted to secure the blessings of liberty. for our posterity. that's us. we, the people. we're still here, thanks to
3:18 am
them. and this piece of paper. i'm john donvan in washington. >> a great little history lesson and a good reminder what was the fourth is all about. not just fireworks and barbecues. we do want to know what you are doing on the fourth -- we've posted it on our wnnfans page. a lot of responses so far. friends, family, fireworks, barbecue, some people working like we will be. >> who would be working on the fourth? >> that's where we'll be later today. >> whoo-hoo!
3:19 am
if you are bar ba coug this fourth of july you're likely to need your grill, probably a spatula, perhaps even one of those super-big forks. >> all the manly tools. >> the jumbo forbes. >> if the guys you're about to meet were cooking you'd likely be seeing liquid nitrogen and an ultrasound machine. >> reporter: don't call this a
3:20 am
kitchen. this 27 square foot warehouse near seattle has been converted into an ideal lab for food. it's the brain child of nathan merville, a billionaire scientist turned chef who mixes art with chemistry and spices it with a passion for food. >> cooking relies on science but cooking is itself an art. >> reporter: every bit of food imaginable has been deconstructed to get to the essence of its taste, then rebuilt using the core principles of science. the result, modernist cuisine. not just a cookbook but a $625, 2,400-page, waterproof bible of food. sold out of its first printing in spite of its enormous size and cost. >> we had a goal to show people a vision of food they hadn't seen before. >> reporter: take this simple bon bon, for example. not so simple here. bananas are spun in a centrifuge, turning them to juice which is froze anyone liquid nitrogen.
3:21 am
before being drowned in hot syrup. trust me, there's nothing complicated about the results. oh, wow. >> this is about 20 to 25 pounds of peas. just this. >> reporter: lead chef max whipped up pea butter by spinning peas in a jar at speeds that pull more gs than ann astronaut on liftoff. are they making pea butter anywhere else on the planet right new? >> not yet but we hope people are inspired. >> reporter: even the classic omelette gets a makeover. >> a thick paste of mushroom and egg. we're going to spread it here on the nonstick pan. then in one nice smooth motion -- >> reporter: it includes scrambled eggs shot out of a can like whipped cream. i have to say there is nothing about what you're doing right now that looks like an omelette. >> it's a nontraditional omelette. there we go. >> that's like no omelette i've ever had. >> reporter: he's reinventnt the burger too. only problem is, it takes 30 hours to make one.
3:22 am
kneel karlinksy, abc news, bellevue, washington. >> under the heading of molecular gastronomy. also wonderful, check that out. you look like a good griller. >> nothing burned. last night was amazing.
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that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. xylophone? does that music make you want popcorn? >> it really does. >> juju bes? >> did you bring it? >> we're talking about the $97.4 million that was brought in by the new "transformers" movie making it the biggest opening of the year so far. is it worth the cash? i didn't realize it is a very expensive ticket. >> depending which ticket you got. if you went all the way with imax it would cost more.
3:26 am
here with her opinion is jackie fernandez. welcome, thank you for being with us. >> hi, welcome. >> how much was the ticket? >> you went to the imax if. >> i had to see it in imax 3d. it was $20. would i spend t tt money again on the ticket? no. but if you're going to watch this movie you betterntend that $20. if you don't it's 2:37. >> 2:37? >> of robots chasing each other and shia labeouf coming at you, you need the special effects. >> do you want that 2:37 back? >> i do. i feel like a part of my life was taken from me. >> it didn't get great reviews. >> it didn't get great reviews and it thought it was really horrible, the plot was cheesy, there was a lot of plot holes in the story line. but the action was incredible. the special effects were pretty good. you had shia labeouf coming at you, the robots coming at you. let's hear what some of them had to say. >> it was all right. i actually was good. same thing as 1 and 2.
3:27 am
>> i thought the movie was great, i think it was my favorite of all three. >> i liked it a lot better than the first two. >> it's a typical movie, a lot of cars, a lot of explosions. >> i thought the 3d was a lot of useless scenes. the 3d action scenes weren't that great. >> it wasn't a great, awesome movie. it was good, it wasn't all that great. >> it would have been a much better movie if i was the lead actor and shelves the leading lady. >> did you recognize the two people at the end? >> looked like mr. and mrs. fernandez. >> full disclosure, those are my parents. >> so sweet, they're very cute. >> they actually liked the movie. a lot of people thought it was better than the first two. if you pay attention to fashion you'll notice rosie huntington whitely is always changing from heels to flats andnd i found th to be, one, hilarious story continuity, also distracting. i gave it 2 of 5 stars. >> people really get annoyed by continuity. >> paying attention to the movie itself you start to notice these
3:28 am
things. >> i did. i went heels, flats, heels, flats. >> i completely agree with your dad. >> it would have been the movie. >> jackie fernandez, thank you my name's reggie. just recently, my wife and i took in her sister's chchildren. now, we already had 4, so i went from becoming a family man to a man with a bibigger family. and you can't eat love, so i don't know how i'm going to feed them tonightht. how was that, reg? i think i look more like denzel. that's cold, man. anuncer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank.
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this morning on "world news now," challenging job. the jury in the casey anthony murder trial get instructions from the judge today as they begin their deliberations. >> that's after some courtroom fireworks and very dramatic closing arguments in the case. it's monday, july 4th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. you heard correctly. it is july 4th. happy fourth of july to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. it's a very rare situation when a jury in a murder trial begins deliberating on a national holiday. probably not what they had in mind on their july 4th holiday.
3:31 am
you'll see why the attorneys' closing arguments got so much attention and led to angry comments from the judge. really had to try to keep order here. very c cse to -- obviously he wants to stop this from going to a mistrial. at this stage so much has been invested that would obviously be a shame for both sides. >> that would be horrifying for everyone involved. yes, that's right. you saw the attorney there, jeff ashton, snickering which caused the courtroom fireworks, so to speak. >> not appropriate behavior. >> definitely not. obviously a little too close to the details there. coming up this half hour, july 4th is truly a special day for the last vietnam war draftee serving the country. this military man who didn't want to go to war 40 years ago looks back at his military career. it's a great reminder of our men and women serving overseas. there are so many of them. >> absolutely. he is an amazing guy. and very active fitness too. he actually did a number of marathons, believe it or not, in his military career. >> nice. later on, looking back at independence day over the years and how it is so important to american culture. a historical look back at part
3:32 am
of our nation's history, if you will. >> i like it that you're an american too. this is your second fourth of july, right? >> this is my second fourth of july as a u.s. cititen. exactly. i feel very patriotic. >> manan people taking that exat same test. >> i'm wearing my red, white and blue tie. >> i've bebe giving you a hard time all day. that is a purple tie, fyu, that's not part of our nation's colors. first there is no holiday for jurors in the casey anthony murder trial. they are expected to begin deciding anthony's fate. >> each side painting a drastically different portrait. yunji de nies reports from orlando. >> good morning. >> reporter: the prosecution came out swinging, casting casey anthony as a lying, selfish party girl who felt burdened by her daughter and saw just one way out. >> the conflict between the life that she wanted and the life that was thrust upon her is simply irreconcilable. she chose to sacrifice her child. >> reporter: the prosecutor said the murder was premeditated.
3:33 am
once again showing the jury the duct tape found on little caylee's skull. >> there's just no reason to put duct tape over the face of a child, living or dead. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: the defense stumbled before they even started. the judge ruled they could not bring up allegations of sexual abuse and incest because they never proved it. >> there's absolutely no evidence that the defendant was sexually molested by her father or h h brother. >> reporter: anthony's lead attorney lasered in on the lack of physical evidence, accusing prosecutors of creating a forensic fantasy. all they'd done, he said, was annihilate casey's character. >> if you hate her, if you think she's a lying, no-good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. you'll start to, oh, wait a
3:34 am
minute, maybe i'm seeing something that's not there. >> reporter: the truth, he said, was casey panicked after caylee crawled into the pool and drowned. >> there's the proof that she was big enough and strong enough to open the door. >> reporter: throughout, tempers flared with palpable tension between the prosecution and defense. at one point, the defense called out the prosecutor for laughing at him. >> this laughing guy right here -- >> reporter: the judge immediately stopped proceedings. >> i'm beginning to see that orders or anything else may not mean a hill of a bean to any of you. >> reporter: the judge warned the attorneys that if anything like this happens again, they will be taken off this case. because of all the delays, the jury won't be getting the case until the fourth of july holiday. that's when they'll start their deliberations. yunji de nies, abc news, orlando. >> you just heard yunji say this weekend would be when they'd be getting it. our abc legal analyst is sayinin
3:35 am
this could be very, very lengthy before we get any sort of response or decision made by the jury because they need to go over every single tiny detail. >> dan did admit he was wrong in the o.j. simpson case when the verdict came down quickly afterwards. >> that's right. >> all we can do is wait and see. >> sometimes jurors have their mines made up as they're going into the jury room. near syracuse, new york, a motorcycle rider died when he hit the brakes, flipped over the handlebars and hit his head on the pavement. the irony is that he was taking part in the annual independence ride that's aimed at protesting helmet laws. troopers say the man would probably be alive if he'd been wearing a helmet. other riders said it's very sad but they insist riders should be allowed to choose to wear helmets or not. there is nothing like a state shutting down to ruin the judge's order kept the minnesota zoo open but vacation spots are closed statewide due to stalled budget talks. the problem will likely go past the holiday with thousands out of work. here's abc's chris bury. >> reporter: in minnesota state parks, the big holiday weekend is a big bust.
3:36 am
campers looking forward to a getaway were told instd to get lost. >> well, it's ridiculous. >> it's sad. >> it should never get to that. >> reporter: the closed parks a casualty of the state's budget crisis. the holiday hit list goes on. so many services are shut down. even industries like logging are grinding to a halt because those trees are on public property. in all, 25,000 state workers laid off. at the capitol, now closed to the public, minnesota's democratic governor and republican leaders could not agree on fixing a $5 billion budget gap. >> i'm not getting an income now. i don't think any of them should think it necessary for them to have an income either until this is settled. >> reporter: minnesota is the first state to actually shut down much of its government. but many others from new jersey to california are also making painful cuts. at this state park near minneapolis, karen johnson had planned to spend a week camping with her family.
3:37 am
getting ejected left her fuming. >> i think the government needs to get their act together. and come up with a budget. it's a matter of noting to your job, i think. >> reporter: in so many states the budget crisis is hitting hard. in minnesota, it's also spoiling summer's most popular holiday. chris bury, abc news. montana'a'governor is disputing claims by exxon over the size and scope of an oil leak in the state. the oil giant says the damage was limited to about ten miles along the yellowstone river. claim is premature until more t inspectors show up to look at the actual damage. the pipe that leaked is 20 years old. the oil company says at least 42,000 gallons have spilled over on saturday. a very unusual military career is ending. the last remaining soldier drafted during the vietnam war is retiring. his 39 years of service included three years in iraq where he was the army's top enlisted soldier. he survived 27 roadside bombs.
3:38 am
here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it was a time of protest, war, and the draft. when a 19-year-old construction worker in oregon received a letter from the white house. and naively believed the president was writing him personally. >> it said, greetingngfrom the president of the united states. your friends and neighbors have selected you to represent them in the armed forces of the united states. >> reporter: he told recruiters he already had a job and asked what they paid. >> like i had a choice. they basically told me, you're wasting time. so here i am. >> reporter: drafted, like thousands of others in 1972, he stayed. now nearly 40 years later -- >> i need you to think of stuff like that. >> reporter: -- he is command sergeant major jeffrey mellinger. >> if somebody had told me i'd be in the army 40 years, i'd have laughed at them. you know. >> reporter: he became an army ranger with more than 3,700 parachute jumps. the top enlisted man in iraq for more than 2 1/2
3:39 am
years. some of the toughest days there where he survived more than two dozen roadside bomb attacks. now at 58, he's preparing to leave. to retire. >> there's that sound of freedom. you've got to love it. i found a home, i found a place that i love, people i love. it's not just army, it's the services. >> reporter: he'll spend the fourth of july with friends. after he makes a trip across the potomac to arlington cemetery. >> the fourth is the reminder of the cost of being able to do what we do in this country. >> some of your colleagues are over there. >> some of my friends are there. >> reporter: the last draftee, who had been honored t tserve. david kerley, abc news, ft. mcnair. >> our hat's off to him. that's for sure. america's military personnel serving the country worldwide are remembering the true meaning of independence day. that includes these soldiers. stationed in the southeastern corner of afghanistan. they took part in a flag-raising ceremony complete with a military band to observe the fourth of july holiday, independence day. very nice. taking a look at your
3:40 am
all-important weather, this becomes very important. we have barbecues to talk about. can't have rain on the barbecue. severe storms are possible in the dakotas and parts of minnesota. there also could be flooding rains in missouri, maryland, and arkansas. firefighters in the desert southwest could get some help from monsoon rains. it always rained in seattle when i was growing up on the fourth. >> we should say folks in texas, it's very dry, looking for some rain. in colorado, northern texas, 10 degrees warmer than usual. seattle, seasonable in the mid-70s. chicago, detroit, minneapolis, mid-80s. i can deal with that. >> that sounds pretty good. the calendar says it is the 4th but the scene on washington state's crystal mountain is confusing because record snowfall has extended the skiing and snowboarding season. >> hundreds of people are expected to hit the slopes over the holiday weekend. it's a similar situation at many other ski resorts across the west. >> that's right. the temperatures on crystal mountain are relatively warm. so many are showing up in tank tops, bathing suitit bikinis. if you do that it really hurts when you fall.
3:41 am
>> it's true, and it's still cold. >> don't forget the sunscreen, by the way. >> always wear the sunscreen, especially when you're not wearing so many clothes. >> you'll get the sunburn, painful. >> we'll be back with more "world news now." -having her is amazing. -we made a miracle. and we got onesies! sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? i grew up wearing lots of hand-me-downs. bell bottoms in the '80s? not pretty. then she found them. she loved them, so i washed them in tide with downy and they're still soft and fresh. right? i'm blogging. really. i'm talking. that's my tide. what's yours?
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i'm talking.
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my family needs me and i need to be there for my family. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. ♪ you're a grand old flag you're a high-flying flag ♪ >> is that blocking your shot? >> excuse me. >> hey, easy. >> hold on, all right. we've got our flags here. it is a very patriotic day. very exciting. >> yes, it is. >> we're talking about the fourth. it conjures up plenty of patriotic images. we're doing our part this
3:45 am
morning with old glory. >> abc's david muir reports on an old-fashioned way to mark the day. you just grab some food and eat it outdoors on the ground. >> reporter: picnics have long been a part of our american way of life. every president at one point did a picnic photo op. fdr and eleanor roosevelt on the beach. president reagan on a finger-licking fourth. president h.w. bush with a napkin in his collar. summer beverage in hand. and in our movieie picnics have long served as the backdrop to dance, to find love. william holden and kim novak in the film appropriately named "picnic." it was that three-legged race, the pie-eating contests. and there's often song. ♪ so, a needle pulling thread >> reporter: the picnic scene in "the sound of music" the most famous. and we've all dealt with ants on the fourth. remember their point of view? gazing up at our skyscraper-sized thermoses and sandwiches in the movie "ants."
3:46 am
>> it's insect-opia! >> reporter: while our clothes have changed over the years -- rita haworth and sophia loren setting the bar for picnic glamor -- the rest of us turned to the basics. a tree. a blanket. that basket of food. corn on the cob. watermelon. often at the end, a simple wish. perhaps put best by don and betty draper. in "mad men." >> we should do this more often. >> we should only do this. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> sophia loren looks good picnicking. >> she does. by the way this is our question of the day on wnnfans. you can go there and talk about what you're going to be doing. on independence day. >> what your plans are. picnic or barbecue or hit the beach. >> i wear my tie in honor of it. and apparently this hat. >> the purplpltie. boy, my face says it all there. >> do not adjust your set, this tie is red, white and blue. >> it's not. maria shriver looks forward to her own independence day. >> she's not the only one. a lot of folks bringing independence above another kind. this is the hollywood kind. "the skinny" coming up next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
3:49 am
do any hollywood couples stay together? >> it's hard. >> ever? >> they say one year -- it's like dog years. like seven years in hollywood. if you're married two years, it's 14 years. that's the whole thing. it's independence day for our country. apparently it's independence day for a lot of folks in hollywood as well. four divorces were finalized on friday. and the reason it's always friday is in pr speak, this is the wisest thing to do, slip it under the radar, get divorced 5:00 p.m. . a friday before a holiday weekend, nobody notices it's happening. >> right. >> first person, exhibit "a" we're talking about, maria shriver/arnold schwarzenegger, 25 years later, turns out he had of course this son who was born one week after the birth of their youngest son. >> she stood with him through a lot but not that. >> she said, enough's enough. they got separated, she didn't want to make a aig deal out of the divorce. coming up next is also scarlett johansson/ryan reynolds. their divorce was also just finalized. they on the contrary were married for, what was it, 20 minutes? >> give or take a few minutes. >> my favorite part is that he said, to the media, you weren't part of my marriage, you're
3:50 am
certainly not going to be part of my divorce. then he went on this big, long interview diatribe where he talked about it incessantly. george lopez, his divorce is finalized, and patricia arquette. >> a rough weekend for those couples. >> george lopez gave his ex-wife a kidney. >> really? and they still couldn't stay together? >> i doubt she gave it back. other way around, she gave him a kidney. >> other way around. >> yeah. >> okay, all right. let's move on to another type of splitsville. in this case we're talking about vinny leaving "the jersey shore." i know. you are so broken up. you know, so this means that the mvp team -- that's mike "the situation," vinny, and pauley d. -- of course are going to be separated. they're going to have to find somebody else e th the name "v," vinny, to fill that spot. evidently when he went back to the house at some point. a big fight with a cast member. we don't know exactly what happened. house at some point. a big fight with a cast member. we don't know exactly what happened. >> over what? >> i know. i'm dieing to know what happened. unfortunately we have to still get through season four, which wawain italy, and that starts
3:51 am
august 4th. >> omg. we have to get to our last story. i wanted to stay this really quick. kenny chesney. just named the fittest man in country music. we all love kenny chesney. he had the super-brief marriage to renee zellweger. this is my favorite song. "summertime." ♪ >> i have no idea. >> yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo, rolling on the floorboard. okay. he's very fit and he's hot. and the next story. jackie. remember jackie? on friday? >> jackie on friday, she was here dancing away because she was so excited she was on her way to the beyonce concert which was part of "gma." well, evidently jackie was actually very close to beyonce. >> look at this, there she is. >> beyonce maybe even was singing just to jackie, let's be honest. >> just to her, yeah. >> jackie actually shot her own video of the performance. you can see it here. she's actually pretty close. these flip cams don't have a zoom so she had to be pretty close. >> she was very close. she said by the way beyonce was just fierce and incredible and so fit. she also said extremely thin. like a tiny skinny mini. >> and so fierce and amazing she is having this encore performance on "gma."
3:52 am
apparently she recorded a couple of other songs on friday and it will be played this morninin >> she had to goose a lot of people to make her way to the front road. she said she made her way through the crowd goosing people to get there. >> she's a pro.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
here are some stories to watch today on abc news. amanda knox convicted of murdering a roommate in italy faces more legal challenges. she's trying to stop distribution of a made for tv movie while her parents go to court today, they're accused of slander. former bosnian serb military chief ratko mladic is demanding to pick his own attorneys. he's due in court today on war crimes charges in the hague. it's the fifth day of will and kate's canadian tour. they arrived on prince edward island last night and they'll watch a military rescue drill later today. >> she's busting out all the fashion and everybody is watching. what will she wear? >> quite a wedding recently. >> i noticed, i heard about that.
3:56 am
the newest european royal couple, they are starting their new life together following that lavish wedding you were just talking about. this is a different one, though. this is in money toe, prince albert. >> monaco's prince albert wed his bride princess charlene on saturday. as lama hasan reports it was a regal event that came out without a hitch. ♪ >> reporter: wearing an off the shoulder duchess satin georgia armani dress, princess charlene looked stunning. the papace said it took armani's team a total of 2,500 hours to prepare. and it's no wonder. the dress had 40,000 swarovski crystals and 20,000 mother of pearl beads. and just look at that train. it was a star-studded event. the guest list included french president nicolas sarkozy, former james bond actor roger moore, naomi campbell and karl lagerfeld, to name a few. there was glitz, glamor, and yes, some interesting hats. but it was a aedding fit for a prince and a princess.
3:57 am
♪ looking demure for most of the ceremony. when it came to exchanging the 18 carat white gold cartier rings, there was a wink and a beaming smile. relief, perhaps, that their marriage had finally been sealed. they took the historic journey from the palace to the chapel, last made by albert's parents, prince rainier and his wife, grace kelly, more than 50 years ago. before the princess laid her bouquet at the church of monaco's patron saint the emotions set in. she wiped away the tears just in time for that big bash, the white ball. and yes, there was a change of outfits. at least the princess can boogie in this one. the groom made a humble speech. >> you are a wonderful, sometimes patient woman with me. >> reporter: and finally the piece de resistance. an eye-popping firework display.
3:58 am
lama hasan, abc news, london. >> that looks a lot like your wedding. very similar. including that dress. >> i think you were at the wrong including that dress. >> i think you were at the wrong wedding. denny's new tour 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's dener is always open. man: ♪ i'm home and i love it ♪ ♪ i'm home woma ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong announcer: it's always nice to come home. but many americans are at risk oforeclosure and losing their homes. making home affordable from the u.s. goverernment has already helped over a million struggling homeowners like these. the sooner you act,t, the better chance we can help you. m: ♪ i'mhome woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong
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